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Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 10:13 AM

Faith, Love, and Tolerance....

The Intelligent Design issue has been making it's way throughout the media and the blogging world. I suppose since I have a little time today I'll add my two cents.. I commented to The Editor at The Tennessee Waltz about the issue from an educator's standpoint: Mountain Girl said...

As a public school flunky, I find it odd I haven't seen many articles dealing with the feelings of those who have to teach ID. The resounding sentiment I'm hearing among my colleagues is they don't feel comfortable teaching religious ideology to a group of students. Teachers tend to like their science, well...scientific.

I don't want a teacher teaching his/her brand of ID to my daughter, either. My faith is mine to teach my child my way.

If science is the recipe for life, then I'm not qualified to discern who's stirring the pot for any family other than my own.

Aside from the moral dilemma, I find it ludicrous to argue, "Students should be exposed to this theory" as if they are not already. Public school curriculum's across the country (including Tennessee) teach the religious practices of every culture studied in HISTORY class. How are students not being exposed to the idea of Intelligent Design? I think atheists would have a more logical argument to take religious studies out of history class so as not to expose their children to any "ideas."

I am a Christian. This is suprising to many of my non-christian friends. This doesn't mean I am naive to the intellectual arguments or the flaws many battle with in my faith. I don't go to church, because I have yet to find a church that accepts and teaches my "brand" of Christianity. For example, I believe Mary Magdalene was a disciple and Darwin has it right. (That's just two of many of my 40 inch Christian belief's that do not fit into the 30 inch waist of the Bible Belt.)

As I said to The Editor, I don't want someone impressing their religious ideology on my child, nor do I feel it is my responsibility to teach a child from another family my faith. I realize individual Christian faith is not the crux of ID, but when discussing God in the classroom children have NUMEROUS questions. These questions are asked to teachers who, in this area, are predominantly Christian. When I am asked these questions during History class, I respond with, "I can't answer that for you, but you can write it down and ask your family when you get home." I feel comfortable with that phrase. It's a phrase I hope my daughter's teachers use when she has a question about specific Christian faith HISTORY class.

I am hurt by the ID issue making all Christians look like intolerant fanatics. I am angry how the Fundamentalist Christians and Evangelicals think it is their right to speak for all Christians and try to impose their beliefs on all who must attend public school. The Christians with whom I am closest to do NOT think ID should be taught in Science class. But most of all,
I am very disappointed to see how this issue has shown so many to be intolerant of Christians and Christianity while they preach tolerance, love, and acceptance of every other faith. I ask them to please remember, not all Christians subscribe to the same fanatical ways of the ones who are pressing this issue. If one purports to be open-minded and accepting to people of all religions, shouldn't this include Christians?

Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

Too many people have died in the name of their God. It is the whole reason for strife in this world and the whole reason for peace too.

Nice post! You rock!  


Blogger Julie said...

Very well said Dear One! Wonderful Diatribe, should be sent to the paper!!
One can be Christian, Tolerant, Loving, Intelligent, , and have many different golf or not ( I don't like golf personally),, Not like ID,, or like Evolution.. regardless, teaching is teaching and religion is religion and is seperate from schools... or should be... as you said... and I am a strong supporter of seperation of state/religion, yet have a very strong sense of Sprituality myself. I certainly understand not wanting to be identified w/ a group that sterotypes a belief that is intolerant. Esp when you are nothing like that, and those that know you guys, know that!!  


Anonymous Heather said...

Great post. I agree with you 100%. I am also a Christian, and a Christian that has no fear of science. I do not disagree at all with ID, and thankfully this issue is simply not one of major importance in the grand scheme of things within the church I belong to. There are many "sects" parading as Christians that are very loud and have caused stereotypes that are very difficult to deal with.  


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