Life Is A Comedy For Those Who Think...

Thursday, October 20, 2005 at 5:27 PM

Lunar Library....

At Unforum, Withe said:

Something to think about:

Today, I was going through my bookshelf and remembered I had two copies of "Practical Intuition" by Laura Day. It's about opening up your mind, trusting yourself, and releasing yourself of your fears.
Inspired, I went to the library today, where there is a bench outside on the sidewalk below. I left the book on the bench with the following note on the title page inside that said:

This is a gift for you. The world belongs to all of us. Share the
kindness and pass this book on. ~Withe - Scribe of the Triskabiblios.

That made me think:

I dutifully submit all scribes named and unnamed commit to change the futyre one day a month by mirroring the example set by WitheBartbi.

Here's my proposal:

On the next full moon we will all leave a book, with a similar note, in a public place to be found. Besides adding to individual enlightenment, sharing the joys of the written word, or just making someone smile, this could garnish more help in our search by leading others to Triskabiblios.

You don't have to be involved in Triskabiblios to join in this beautiful act. If you wish to read more about it or Triskabiblios in general, check here.
Or you can just go straight to the game itself here.

It's beautiful to know that we can communicate with total strangers through books, in effect, becoming friends in mystery. Take my lead, continue this chain of love and kindness. If we all dropped off a book in a public place like that with a little note inside, imagine how many people we could reach, and maybe brighten their day and possibly inspire them to share the goodwill.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you pursuing a stupid game with all the problems you have in your life ?
Get your priorities right.
REAL life is more important.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

Why would you deem it your business what I do to relieve the stress of my real life woes? I work, go to school, raise a child, take care of my home and have a social life. My time is to do with what I choose. This "game" is an outlet for me to relieve my "real life" stresses. Do you not even have the courage to leave your real name? Let me know who you are and we'll have ourselves a little chat...

Blessings Abound!
Mountain Girl  


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