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Friday, September 30, 2005 at 6:02 PM

Triskabiblios Guide....

Here's a list of what I've compiled so far for Triskabiblios/13 books. There's more I could post but this is a start.
Link to xOrkid's LJ
Song Orkid posted in LJ
Islington post on Chronos Time Travel Forum



Dixon Scribe Page
Duckie Scribe Page (map found, right click on map and press play and loop)
Graeme Scribe Page (2 updates)
Mcgyver Scribe Page
Onionring Scribe Page
Mountain Girl Scribe Page (3 updates)
Withe Scribe Page (1 update)

Rowan Scribe Page
Samantha Scribe Page
Yann Scribe Page
Orkid's Scribe Page
Jackalope's Scribe Page
SixSidedSquare's Scribe Page

Triskabiblios Main Pages:
Home Page
Islington's Message About 13 Book Quest
Scribe Page

Sign-Up Page
Privacy Page
Book Zero Page

Clue on "Meltdown" Directory
Pied Piper Page Clue

First Scribe Page Image. It wouldn't let me copy the original text at the bottom.

Life of Pi Clue (you seriously have to change the brightness to see the image)

Alice In Wonderland Clue

You can see the whole book here:
Intersting TriskaGoogle Flash File Found During Meltdown. (I can't get it to stop playing to read the other word that flashes)
Lazy Laces Current Comment Thread
Suspended Reference Guide

Here's a chat I just had with xOrkid 9/30/05 7:00pm

Anonymous Patricia said...

I managed to find the word that flashes.

Thought I'd mention it.  


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