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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 2:05 PM

You're Not Funny Brian.......

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Check these people out! Man are they funny! I sure hope they have a website soon.
*Note: Some performers are not pictured.
Anyone left that hasn't heard about the drama over and South Knox Bubba? I thought I would let it all play out before I posted. You'll need to look at Saturday and Sunday's posts. It appears that Brian Conley (owner of the Metro Pulse) is quite the little extortionist. I believe he wisened up and apologized after realizing it wasn't a really good idea to condemn anonymity and free speech when you own a newspaper. Bad move Brian. Lose any sources or did your lawyer tell you extortion is still illegal?

Everyone please think good thoughts Buddy Don's way. His headaches are back with a vengeance this week.

By the way, there are some strong willed individuals over at the capitol today excercising their right to protest the shutting down Tenncare. They have been denied their "right to assemble peacefully", food and water, and yet they persist! I'm proud to be called their fellow american today. You can check out the minute by minute coverage at Sharon Cobb and Tennessee Guerilla Women.

Anonymous Maisy said...

Are you in the picture?  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...



Blogger buddy don said...

thankee fer them kind wurds, mountain gurl. i do preciate them good thoughts n pray i kin git over this thang. luv to see how activly yer bloggin! ye gut a goodn a'goin.  


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