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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 at 9:37 PM

Asphalt and Ann Coulter.....

If you're feeling down and out today or just feeling like life's not going your way. Remember it could always be worse. Just ask this guy. "Remember",as my husband always says, "it's a great day to be alive."

I was asked my opinion on Ann Coulter today and thought I might respond by dedicating today's installment strictly to her. However, upon further evaluation, I have decided I can't write enough to constitute an entire entry on her behalf.

Many people would have liked it if the first story found Ann Coulter as the victim buried alive in hot asphalt. As for me, I only hope she finds happiness. I think Ann Coulter is a celebrity and a very unhappy one at that. She will say anything she thinks will sell a book or get her on camera. Even she can't believe half of what she says. If she does, she should be pitied.She is very hate-filled and quite sad. What I have read about her in the past leads me to think she says things that have no basis in fact. When there aren't facts, one must use logic. Ann Coulter has not proven, in my opinion, to be able to run a clean ribbon of logical thinking around the absence of facts. She is like many other fascists. She would like to censor, kill, and dismember anyone who doesn't agree with her.Therefore I have come to the conclusion she is a salesman. She sells herself. Oh, wait.... That would be a prostitute. Well, that's a nicer sentiment than most have for her.

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