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Sunday, June 05, 2005 at 6:26 PM

So I Was Thinking.....

So, I was thinking (hence the title). Looking at the last two entries, one might think this is a faith-based blog. I don't intend it to be that way. The last two day's ramblings have merely been the product of a visit with a conservative christian. I actually intend this to be a forum for me to vent, as well as a place to discuss the similarities or differences between my self and others in an open-minded way.

With that in mind, here's what's going on today........

The media does not impress me. I was flipping through the channels today and happened upon Fox News. With all it's flashing lights, rolling crawls, and glitter, I thought I had happened upon NBC's newest reality show. Sadly I was mistaken. A reporter began to discuss a "bloody mattress" found on some vacation friendly island where a girl had disappeared. I realize the executives at Fox
need those new Mercedes and they need the million dollar house, but at what expense? Do we really need the drama they exude? Is it really an issue that I need to be informed about? I think not. I think the family of the poor missing girl might be saying, " Shut up already!" Unless she swam to the nearest mainland no one off of the island really needed to know.

This kind of sensational media is part of the problem of today's society. We get up in arms about things that don't matter to the way we function daily, yet we turn our heads to the attrocities our "elected" officials commit. The media is no longer an unbiased entity.

Have you watched any of those channels lately? I have to be cautious. Within 10 minutes I am under the spell of Hollywood. I'm just waiting to see Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz perform the reenactments above the newscasters shoulder.

Oh, and by the way..Deep Throat anyone?

Blogger John said...

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Blogger Alexandra said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog. I see that you have just started this one! Well I hope you enjoy your time blogging. It has been agreat way for me to just get thoughts and feelings out of my head.  


Anonymous Tennessee Jed said...

Hey I like the new template, you want me to build you a fancy animation for the cloud square?  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...



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