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Friday, June 24, 2005 at 3:07 PM

Your Mamas Just Made Up Those Names....

This is hitting too close to home because:

I teach a close relative of the Soles kid and know the family pretty well. I wish all my student's families took the kind of interest in education this family does. That being said, I have always held them in a very high regard. My student participates in the Youth Council program (ran by the SRO). This SRO has earned the name "Little Hitler" from many of the teachers. He has gone so far as to tell the black students, "What kind of names are those? Your mamas just made up those names. You'll never get a good job with names like those." He has also criticized quite vocally to my class that the church most of my students attend is "racist" (AME Zion). I myself have heard this SRO talking to other police officers who visit the school and point out the kids who are "against the man". Many teachers have complained to the administration about him. One of the cops "assaulted" was a SRO at Green. They removed him as a result of the altercation and transfered "Little Hitler" there. It all sounds quite fishy to me.

Take this for what it's worth, but my student told me he was there and when the guys said "Get a warrant" the cops sprayed him with pepper spray.

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