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Friday, December 30, 2005 at 11:04 AM

Frank Zappa Friday....

I love Frank's old SNL performances. This is a great version of "I Am The Slime." I've got more in the weeks to come, including the original claymation "City of Tiny Lights" video.

Here's hoping everyone's New Year is filled with good cheer and good health.


Blogger buddy don said...

me n miz bd gut a kick out of yer zappa reel. i hadnt never seen im do nuthin live before even tho i been a fan of his albums since the sixties. We're Only in It for the Money is one of the gratest albums ever.

btw, we gut us a copy of fashion nugget, witch thats one of them cake cds ye reckumended. so far tiz a deelite. i bet twill git better over time.

thankee fer the sugjestchun.  


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