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Saturday, August 06, 2005 at 9:52 AM

Masters and Mavericks......

I'd like to welcome a dear friend to the blogging world. Joe Powell is an extremely intelligent creature. Many have despaired, of late, due to the demise of his radio show "Cup of Joe". His hilarious and insightful political commentary wooed even the most hard of hearts. He interviewed the upper eschalon of Tennessee Politics with no fear of retribution ( to bad though because now there's no show). He never let a politician off easy and often knew more about their issues than they did. Joe is also a movie trivia guru. I challenge anyone to try and stump this man with anything movie related. It appears as if he will keep the tradition of the trivia game going via the blog. Beware: You may think you know movies, but unless you know the grip's first wife's mother's maiden name of every movie ever made, then you are mistaken. The self-proclaimed "Master of Motion Pictures in East Tennessee" will make mince-meat of ya, but you'll laugh your ass off as he does it. Welcome Joe! We're glad to hear your "voice" again.

Joe, Tennessee Jed made the logo at top sans permission to use your image. (Look closely at the coffee cup) Let me know if you mind and I'll take it down.

Also, I'd like to welcome another friend back to Tennessee. If you are one of my faithful readers, you might have seen her blog via my links: "The Cold Hard Stare of the Hollywood Sign". She is a talented writer, editor, singer, guitarist...Let's suffice it to say, she's the definition of a maverick. Her new blog is titled The Tennessee Waltz. I'm glad to see her back in our fair state and hope she makes her way here. (I love ya girly girl!)

You can find their links here and on my sidebar. Let's welcome them happily into the fold.

Blogger Joe Powell said...

Woo-Hoo!! Thanks fer the free plug!! and, most notable, the correct assessment of my skills (a vast amount of useless and useful film knowledge). I have forgotten far more about movies than that dang Pickle woman will ever posesss, who sadly, has not improved her writing or reviewing skills in the years she has been on the staff of KNS. Talk about Tenure Achieved just by showing up to work. (Which, I think, is also the paper's motto.)
But I digress.
Thanks for your generous words.
"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."  


Blogger The Editor said...

I'm all a futter and a blush. You've made me out to be a renaissance woman...
That earns you high scores in my book
But just a note: I stumped Mr. Powell with a movie quote the other night...
It puts on the lotion.
Someone has to keep you all on yer toes!  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

You're welcome, Blanche(sp?) (A Streetcar Named Desire). Editor, you mean to tell me the "guru" didn't know:"It puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again."? (Straight from memory, I swear. No google search here) I'm glad to hear your comments on The Pickle Lady, Joe. It seems as if she's too pickled when she goes to the movies to actually give a good critque of them. Maybe we should feel sorry for her and direct her to the nearest AA meeting. I love ya both! Blessings Abound!  


Blogger buddy don said...

tiz a fine logo, witch that aint no sprize on a counta how good jed is a such thangs.

btw, i have tride a time or two to leave ye a comment, but fer sum reason, it dont never show up. i wonted to say i luved yer god logo frum a post or so ago, but it never cum thru.

innywho, i check yer blog near everday.

tiz a grate read.  


Blogger red molly said...

Thanks for the good blog links. I will check them out often. I think the Tennessee Waltzer might be a Richard Thompson fan. That's cool.

BTW, I also have had trouble leaving comments at times.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

Sorry about the trouble you've had commenting. Being still fairly new at this, I have no idea whether it is my fault or the fault of Haloscan. Does anyone know how I can check? Thanks for stopping by all. You're appreciated!

(one thing I've noticed is when I think I'm logged-in to comment I'm not. I've lost some posts that way)

Blessings Abound!  


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