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Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 9:20 AM

A Sinegal Of Hope...

Tennessee Jed, here filling in for Mountian Girl as she has been busy in her pursuit of sheepskin.

I have been feeling the pinch the past five years of extreme economic struggle. Understanding the big picture normally eases my grief and helps me see past the trees to the forest. Sometimes it causes more grief. Either way I will wiggle until I become comfortable or dead.

One factor I have been observing is greed from the highest levels of leadership. I would like to point out I don't enjoy placing blame on others (so I won't directly). I feel that I am well equipped as a human to be responsible for my own decisions and actions. To study this issue from a layman's point of view, I started comparing my working life to my father's working life. Major factors in cost verses income compared over his life and mine were the focus. Then I saw this blog article "Maximum Wage" by my on-line mentor. My eyes started to open to the fact that opression is growing (as it does every few years when unmonitored and fed). If I carry on with this line of thought I am under the flag of Socialism, which I prefer not to represent. I want to creatively whine by sighting a positive example.

I saw an article by way of Angry Wolf Dog in the New York Times on Costco's CEO Mr. Sinegal who appears to have the right idea. I hope his example can be viewed as a starting point for public and priviate leadership reform in this great country.

Despite Costco's impressive record, Mr. Sinegal's salary is just $350,000, although he also received a $200,000 bonus last year. That puts him at less than 10 percent of many other chief executives, though Costco ranks 29th in revenue among all American companies.

"I've been very well rewarded," said Mr. Sinegal, who is worth more than $150 million thanks to his Costco stock holdings. "I just think that if you're going to try to run an organization that's very cost-conscious, then you can't have those disparities. Having an individual who is making 100 or 200 or 300 times more than the average person working on the floor is wrong."

His business ideas could thrive in the public and priviate sector of high management. If I knew where this man lived I would go there and wash his feet today.

This web log entry has worked my mind to remain on the positive side and not site the many problems we face. I would rather point to a simple example of a man willing to act on his best intentions and value humans. Humans, after all, are the reason he has anything to work with.

My thirteen year old daughter sent me this link on demotivation (sample below) to help me laugh at the world a little bit. I am suprised she has the wisdom to understand the satire in it. Oh God, forgive me as I have passed my darkness down into the next generation.

"It is easy enough to tell what is wrong, but that's not what I want to hear all night long." - Lou Reed -

Blogger buddy don said...

verr nicely writ, sir. i bleeve twill be eggzamples lack mr sinegal's that mite hep the cultchur change. tiz way past time n wood ackshly be good fer all.

take keer, my friend ...  


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