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Monday, July 11, 2005 at 11:26 AM

Friendship At It's Finest....

Last week I was able to bring the breaking news of two Knoxville girls injured in the London blasts thanks to a cousin of mine who has been Emily's best friend since they were small children. She found out within a couple hours of the blasts and shared the information with my family. She was distraught and needed consoling. Not only was her best friend in surgery but her soon-to-be father-in-law had not been heard from either. He had arrived in London the previous night. (He has still not been contacted) The day following the blast my cousin was inundated with calls from Entertainment Tonight, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and of course the local news outlets. They wanted pictures of the girls, an interview with my cousin about the girls, and anything else she could give them. My cousin refused. She told them, "If you want pictures ask their father. If you want information ask them. I am not going to give you anything they have not given me permission to give." One man was particularly nasty with her, but she held her ground. I am quite proud of her for being so aware at such a young age and in the face of grief. I am proud of her for being an exemplary friend. I am proud of her for not trying to capitalize on someone elses tragedy. How wonderful it would be if more people had these same virtues. It takes some of us our entire lives to learn the traits this girl possesses at the age of 20.

Anonymous joe p. said...

showing courage in the face of a ravenous and overfed media corporation is no easy task.
reporters face jail for keeping confidentiality, and for not writing news stories.
i noticed local tv knos-vegas newshounds haunted the church where people were reportedly 'praying' for the girls.
amazing how hungry the beast can be.
all to say, along with you, my admiration for all involved showing class and respect.  


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