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Friday, July 08, 2005 at 10:55 AM

Friday Tire Swing Blogging...

With all that is going on in the world just enjoy the simple pleasures of life and think of things you can do to entertain the kids.

Tennessee Jed here, standing in for Mtn. Girl as she seeks paperwork in another city to brighten her future.

A couple-three years ago I drew up a plan to use a 36 inch tractor tire that was discarded on my (and mostly the banks) property. I did not want to haul it off and then have to pay ten dollars to have someone dispose of it in a proper manner. I kept looking at it for the useful object it was, a nice round shape, very solid and very heavy. I drew this image with a no.2 pencil and went to work.

I remember a quote that went something like: All people want is love, if they can't get love, they want hope, if hope is slght, then give them something to work on.

This project worried me some for the safety of
the children since the tire itself was over a hundred pounds and in full swing I guessed it would triple that without any humans on it. I studied the project for flaws and failure possibilities. The first thing to go was the yoke idea, if that fell on the skulls of my little GOD!
I used 4 lengths of #12 1/2"tripple braided nylon rope each having a working load of 525 lbs. and a 5760 pound breaking point. I attached it to a very alive 120 ft. sugar maple tree about 40 feet high to a 18" branch at a fork about 12 feet away from the trunk with a nylon sleeve used for wire.

The kids love it! The only real danger now is for the person pushing it. When it has four kids on it in full swing and it hits you closer than expected, it is similar to stopping a car with your hands...ouch.

Some days it is nice to to look at it empty and still while pondering peace.

Anonymous ~m. said...

Be sure to drill some holes for drainage on the bottom side unless you want to start a mosquito ranch.


Blogger buddy don said...

whut a wurk of art, sir. i sumtimes thank the highest wurks of art dont never make it into no museums. thar wurks of luv that turns to real art. b4eyootiful, sir!  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

We sure do love our tire swing Tennessee, just not when it hits the pusher in the head.  


Anonymous Tennessee Jed said...

~m, I had that done prior to hanging the tire, I also built some "spreaders" out of fiberglass and fender washers for the inside. Just did not want to bore y'all with too many details. The real trip was doing the 40' hanging device.

bd, I have always found "art" is anything I enjoy with my eyes and ears. It seems like many folks are not aware they are creative creatures "God touched", I like to call it.

Thanks, y'all for looking in on this post, and thanks for letting me ramble here are loved.  


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