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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 11:20 AM

Explication: A Recipe For Creation....

Luckily, I've finished my poetry explication due today. These papers are killing me. I love to write. I don't like to be edited by a seventeen year old "peer". The last paper edited by this person came back to me with comma splices to beat the band. I know I'm not a grammar guru, but I do know how to write a sentence. I've been out of school for seven years. I've forgotten more than I learned my two years in college during that time. It's hard for me to write these Comp II papers. I like writing satire, commentary, and opinion. These papers have to be so dry to get the grade. Oh well, only 4 more classes and I'll have knocked it out.

I was reading today the Bush thinks we should teach intelligent design alongside evolution. My uncle, a professor of Biology and Botony at Carson Newman College, said it best,"Evolution is divine. Just because science found a recipe for man's creation doesn't mean God wasn't the one stirring
the pot." If we sanction teachers to teach divine creation, we open a can of worms for their ideaologys to confuse our children. I believe in prayer in long as it's silent. I believe in telling the children, "I believe God's hand stirs the pot." That should be enough. Here's my answer to the Darwin emblems and the Jesus emblems. I'm working now to have it available as a sticker here on my site. I've never seen one like it. I tried to Google it but I didn't get a hit. Let's hope it's an original idea.

Anonymous Joe P. said...

Mtn Girl --

Saw this today regarding the "intelligent design" plan -- might like to check it out.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

Thanks for the link Joe. As you can tell by my post I tend to agree. There is a big difference between a teacher in a science class saying, "God may stir the pot" and "There is a theory God stirs the pot. Let's discuss this, shall we?" The idea's of different religions are discussed in length in historoy The role Catholicism played in the founding of this country, the role of Buddism in Asia, the role Christianity has played in the condemnation of men and women. This is better left in the high school history classes that it currently exists in, not science class. Well, that's my two cents worth.

Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings Abound!

Mountain Girl  


Anonymous Tennessee Jed said...

I can see God has designed everything, but I can not prove anything!

This photo is the closest thing I have to prove that there are powers at work above my head.  


Anonymous Jed Ammended said...

After I hit the publish I noticed there is no underline or color change for the link in the text I carefully linked to the word "photo" in the previous comment.  


Anonymous Agee said...

Been reading your posts for a while now, MG. They are always very insightful. My father was a minister for 30 years and one of the most devout and intelligent people I know. He was an evolutionist who believed strongly that Darwin had done nothing more than pulled back a little of the fabric of God's grand design... He did not see evolution and faith as mutually exclusive; nor do I.

Thanks for giving folks something to think about.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

Thank you for the kind words, Agee.
I have never understood the great struggle between science and faith. I believe they go hand in hand. Science is just the discovery of God's great design.

Blessings Abound!  


Anonymous Agee said...

But hey...when you get a chance, change that dang avatar over at the blab....

I always seem to hit it right at lunchtime, and it is dag-nasty!



Anonymous Da Great Cornholio said...

"I have never understood the great struggle between science and faith."

Actually, science and faith are mutually exclusive. Science uses experimental observations and testing to understand things. If new data arises that disagrees with the old hypothesis, then the old one has been shown to be wrong, and a new hypothesis (or several) is developed. Eventually when enough observations agree, and there isn't conclusive evidence to contradict it, a theory is formed.

Evolution is a scientific fact and a theory. There is no evidence contradicting it, but in the future, the theory will certainly be modified as more studies are done, or if contradictory evidence is found it may be discarded altogether. Gravity is also a scientific fact and a theory. (We really don't understand how gravity works that well).

Faith, however, requires NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. (It is usually overly simple answers that have been decreed by some authority figure). And therefore has no need of changing despite all evidence to the contrary.

It seems to me that science (and scholarship in general) threatens the authority of the religious right, i.e. a thinking populace may just question the bullshit like "intelligent design".  


Blogger jdm, Blogmaster said...

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