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Monday, August 01, 2005 at 9:58 PM

Hung to my knees, Chapter 7...

Hey Now, it is Tennessee Jed here keeping this weblog alive for Mt. Girl. I have some good news and some bad news.

Let me share the good news first. I have landed a job working for the government as a skilled trades craftsworker in all aspects of maintenance for our fair city. I am excited to get in with these folks, because I have worked with them on special events for the past five years as a sign guy. The one thing I admire about the city crew is they don't have a down trodden attitude. I have always guessed they did not have the same stress as a private business where their boss knew every little lost screw was a little less in his pocket for his new boat fund.

I sure am a thankful to God for giving me a chance to use my dynamic skills where I can attain a retirement fund. Some of my friends know I was plotting a "prison
pension plan" if I could not establish a real job with benefits. My plan was to wait until I was retirement age and try a big money crime. It had three possible outcomes, all of which fixed me for the rest of my life. The first outcome was to pull it off and have all the money I could need. The second was to be killed in the act. The third and most likely, was spending my retirement life in jail. When I looked at the structure of life in a nursing home it was similar enough to call it the same (with the added bonus of not directly costing my family any cash). The jail "rape factor" was also greatly reduced by being old and not having health insurance. At that age, my hemroids would surely hang to my knees (I just can't picture anything less attractive than that for anykind of lover).

Now for the bad news. I have had a horrible time of making ends meet for the past five years post-divorce with kids, screwed up house deals, medical setbacks, bad
credit choices, bad lawyers (both working for me and the ex), and the fact that my income has been the same and everything else has drasticly increased. I kept thinking things would get better. I would just borrow a little more now and catch up when things were more fruitful. Well, the fact is that even my new job with the civil service pays about the same as I have been making, and fruitful times are not coming soon. I have tried to work a deal with the credit council. They say my debt to income is too upside down to help me. I guess all I can do is fold my hand in chapter 7 court. I keep telling the hospital and the credit card folks if they would not force me immediately, I would pay them in full. I would just have to owe them until I could, but they are agressive and want a resolution.

So I ask for any advice, good thoughts, and prayers I can get from you kind readers.

I just do not understand exactly how I screwed up. I always paid things on
time until two years ago and like a train wreck all that went over a cliff. My beacon credit score was at least 780, now it is in the 400's. I guess it is like health it takes years to grow nice solid arm bones and one second to snap them.

Anonymous Joe P. said...

Jed -
I am not positive but i am fairly sure there was a recent national law enacted to keep collection/medical agressors at bay.
I know it sounds goofy, but writing an email to yer congressman - state and national - may lead to the right info.
I'd also send copies of those emails to the creditors -- if they know you are as aggressive as they can be, it may help. It may not.
I am right there in Debt-ville with you, and it sure can keep your spirit crushed if you let it.
I'll do some checking around myself, since i have toooooo much free time, and will let you know what i find.
Joe P.  


Blogger Zaira said...

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Anonymous Joe P. said...

looks like you landed a live one, Jed!  


Blogger buddy don said...

glad to here the good news, jed, but tiz a shame how folks kin keepin on doggin ye the way they do. tiz hard to see how thats a'gone wurk, but i grately add mire yer spirit. i hope ye git sum releaf, but at lease ye have the chants fer a lil retirement fund to start a'growin. lord knows tiz hard these days. corse, aint nuthin bettern a lil luck, witch ye aint had the bes in sum ways, but frum whut i read on the here blog, ye gut the good luck of havin a verr fine attitude, wisdum bout whut really matters in life, n whut appears to be a verr fine wife (lease frum this here angle) in mountain gurl. me n miz bd looks ford to meetin ye face to face in september.  


Blogger red molly said...

Congratulations on your recent employment status and best of luck to you in getting your creditors off your back. When my son fell off a roof into razor wire and had about $11,000 hospital bill (he had no insurance and lived on his own at the time and had no money) he ignored it and it went away. I don't know how that happened but after about a year of bills and phone calls from the collection agency they just went away and now it doesn't show up on his credit report. Of course I'm not sure if ignoring your bills is the best answer but I bet there are some ways of getting medical bills satisfied without you having to pay the outrageous amounts they ask for when one has to seek medical attention.  


Anonymous Ecclesiastes of Jed said...

Thank you all for your input and support

It is good sometimes to spill it out. I know it will all work out just fine. I have faith (sometimes).

It is so nice to have you guys taking the time to put your mind on it for me. I do believe that the power of a collective group thinking good thoughts for one, enables strength in that one...a.k.a. prayer.

James 5:16 is a good line of thought for our time visited here, the whole book is tiny and worth a read.

Damn "Churchy" words are a turn off for many here in the Bible belt as we have had the coffee table bible fracture bones. Just remember that Gospel=Good News,
Redeem=Claim and
Prayer=Ask/Thank w/respect.  


Blogger The Editor said...

Get in line for the debt train. One of the reason I am returning to the fair and futile land of Tennessee is to get my ample bottom out of debt. From what I owe USC, I could have bought acomfortable little home for myself, the cat and dog. Ah well, at least I know I'm not alone in the debt boat. But I'd help you plan a bank robbery any time! See you all soon!  


Blogger trinity said...

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