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Monday, January 30, 2006 at 10:55 PM


Bush Protest
Opryland Hotel, Nashville
Feb. 1, 10am - 12noon

The Bush-in-Nashville Protest will be held at the entrance to Opryland at the Intersection of McGavock and Music Valley Drive. You can read more here or here. I'm not sure I completely agree with all the ideas expressed on these sites, but answers
are needed. The People's voice needs to be heard.

The contact numbers:

Matt Leber - Nashville Peace and Justice Center 615-321-9066
Nini Thomas - Nashville Peace Coalition 615-579-9956

It would be inspiring to see everyone grab a sign and write a question for the president. Hundreds of questions concerning this administration's decisions and/or practices would concretely confront him. I say write them, paint them, make buttons, make t-shirts... just make him answer.

Eh, I only wish I had a minute to make a sign. I've been so busy lately. School is kicking my astronaut four nights a week on top of my already full life. Blogger's not been very dependable lately, either. It seems when I get a minute to write something unrelated to school, the service is down. C'est la Vie. I'm happy. I'm diggin' on some new tea, feeling energetic, and still having some quality time every afternoon or evening with Jed and "The rainBow". It's a great day to be alive (and practice the right of peaceful assemblage).

Blessings Abound!

Blogger CM Edwards said...

I wish Lisa and me could make it down there to stand in solidarity with you and Jed, but Nashville is quite a ways from the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Good luck to you, Jed, and all your friends and supporters. Our thoughts and hopes will be with you all.  


Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

Buck Fush, we can't afford Dick's gas prices to go on a 500 mile round trip either.

I am setting here awaiting his lies in the "State of the Union" speech.

It all going to be how great the economy is and how we are holding off the boogie men in the Persian Gulf. Give us all McJobs and your tax base is gone. Buck Fush and Dick Dick too!  


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