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Monday, January 16, 2006 at 11:31 AM

Bad-Ass Appalachian Woman..

I have been invited to contribute to the fascinating array of opinions at Appalachian Greens. I think the phrase used to entice me was "it would mean a lot to us to hear some more opinions from some bad-ass appalachian women." Far be it from me to deprive the world of more bad-ass appalachian women's observations.

Peruse the blog, you'll see an eccletic mix of conviction and experience. Not all the writers share the same philosophies, but they do agree on a common theme:
Appalachian pride is not limited to zealots, bigots, and right-wingers. This is a beautiful thing. More unity is needed in this crazy mixed-up planet. Let us celebrate our differences while working for a common goal...A better world.

Another mini-miracle brought to you through the Great Oracle .

Blogger Tennessee Jed said...

You go Mountain Girl!  


Blogger Joe Powell said...

That's a pretty interesting site, there and loaded with all kinds of good info. Much congrats on your joining up and I'll make it a regular place to stop and read!  


Blogger kayakdave said...

Like your blog MG. It never entered my mind that the Appalachian Green Blog is a conglomeration united. That's kkinda bbeautiful, tthanks for the insssight. (sorry, sometimes my keyboard stutters. I bought it off MMel TTiLlliss for $5) Took me a while to find "eccletic" in the word book thingy but I figger it is an apt word for us. Keep blogging away!  


Blogger Julie said...

They made a great choice!!  


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