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Thursday, September 01, 2005 at 10:53 PM

This Is A Test Of Your Emergency Relief System...

I'm amazed at how unprepared we, as a country, were for this hurricane. How have the "efforts"
to make our country safer, helped? They haven't. This was a test. We now see what would happen had this been a terrorist attack. I have too many things going on in my head on this topic to relate them clearly. I'm also doing some research. I'll have more on this subject later.

Here is a link to a live journal from New Orleans. It is a first hand look at the devastation and daily happenings. Here is also a link here to offer help in the form of shelter and such to those in need. Please help if you can.

Another example of property before people:
Looters denounced, but also called 'heroes' NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Officials have been denouncing the looting rampant in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina
struck. But some say looters are also heroes. A woman at the city's convention center says she's barely seen the police. She says the thugs and the criminals are the ones who saved her from her flooded neighborhood, using a stolen speedboat and moving truck. At the Superdome, another Katrina evacuee says the looters have been distributing food to the evacuees there. Otherwise, he says, they'd starve. Some looters have been anxious to show they need what they're taking. A gray-haired man at a Rite-Aid pulled up his T-shirt to show a surgery scar and explained that he needs pads for incontinence. Another man showed a reporter toothpaste, tooth brushes and deodorant. Photo Copyright Getty Images

This is our country, and these are our fellow Americans....Why aren't we helping them? It takes us 2 hours to load C-130's full of food
and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan, but we can't get to New Orleans in four days? iPhoto's courtesty

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Life is a Comedy

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