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Friday, September 02, 2005 at 4:22 PM

I Have No Words...

Red Molly over at the
Blue Page Special posted these poignant questions to Mr. Bush:

1. Why didn’t you visit the City of New Orleans on foot instead of the little fly over on Wednesday?

2. Why didn’t you send in the National Guard the day the levee broke?

3. If you couldn’t get the people out why didn’t you send food in? And within the first twenty-four hours of need.

4. The hurricane hit the Gulf coast on Monday, the levees failed on Tuesday, this is Friday why are there still thousands of people in need of basic care?

Maybe the answer to my questions is because you started a war that has sucked up all our resources or maybe the answer is that you just don’t give a DAMN.

Here’s one more question for you.

5. Why don’t you resign so we can have our country back?

I'm not blaming the President for the hurricane. I'm blaming the President for not responding in a timely manner. People are dying, suffering and living like refugees in this country and that is DEPLORABLE.

Here is another tragic reflection of ignorance by the media:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider that the hurricane itself is making the response more difficult. A lot of the region is flooded or without power. Roads and bridges are out. This isn't like a response to a localized terror attack.

And why didn't Blanco send in the National Guard sooner?

Why didn't Nagin use those busses to get the people out before the hurricane? Why did Bush have to beseach Blanco to call Nagin, during the middle of his dinner, to evacuate NOLA on Saturday when the evacuation should have been started the day before.  


Blogger red molly said...

To anonymous, I have considered that the hurricane itself is making the response more difficult, that is what hurricanes do! Why didn't Bush assist Blanco with sending in National Guard sooner? And about the buses, what buses?

Thanks Mountain Girl for posting my blog entry. It's appreciated.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

God forbid we interrupt the Chimperor's dinner. The issue is we could have dropped food in there within 24 hours.Even if the mayor failed, the responsibility for the lack of aid immediately following the disaster lies squarely on our so-called president. Think about it, Rudy Giuliani didn't clean up 9/11 on his own. We can have a C-130 airborne in 2 hours full of food and airdrop the same day in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet it takes 5 days to drop food into New Orleans? So what if there are stray renegades shooting? Do you think they don't in other devastated countries where we provide aid? I'm asking myself, What has this president done to make me safer? Nothing, for all the hubris over the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and other programs, we are no safer than we were before 9/11. If terrorists had bombed the levees instead of a hurricane, we would be in the same situation. Withing 18 hours after the Tsunami, there were camps set up to provide food, water, and medical aide. Why are there still no camps set up in LA?  


Blogger red molly said...

Great response, MG.  


Blogger Mountain Girl said...

Thanks RM  


Blogger NOTR said...

So far as the photo goes if the same news organization had selected the verb they did it would be telling. But, in this case that didn't happen. This is silliness.  


Anonymous ImpeachChimpyNow said...

Ummm... sorry, but the Governess commands the Nation Guard in the even of emergency. I spent many, many years in the NG as a helicopter pilot in Houston, and she has absolute control of the Nasty Grrrls during a natural disaster, and requires no help or permission from Chimpy McBushitler. She even commands the Grrrls she requests from other states, but she has to be the one to request them. I should know - I was a Major when the Grrrls and I parted ways. She fall down go boom.


I'm not gay, but I have a sneaky suspicion that my boyfriend might be.  


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